Sounds of Your Soul

The days are ever changing. Some days I feel invincible, excited for the future and like I may be the luckiest person on the planet for this chance. Some days I can’t get out of bed, I feel like a failure, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and I have nobody to share it with. Early on I created a ‘heartbreak/breakup/divorce/etc.’ playlist to listen to when I felt the need. This was a mistake. You need TWO playlists. One is your ‘heartbreak/sadness/lifeisover/endoftheworld/destroyed’ playlist. The second is your ‘bossbitch/toughgirl/overit/f*ckyou/f*ckyouagain/winning/movingon’ playlist. I divided my initial playlist and added on some songs I had in mind plus I searched online for the absolute best songs for breakups. I’ve put together my top 10 for each playlist to get you started, some classics are involved and some new 2018 tunes. I have no specific taste in music on these, there’s some hiphop, some country and everything else. Though it’s very all over the place all music genres have heartbreak in common. I still listen to both playlists, I still have both types of days.

Playlist # 1 – ‘heartbreak/sadness/lifeisover/endoftheworld/destroyed’ playlist

  1. “I have Questions” – Camila Cabello
  2. “No Peace” – Sam Smith ft. YEBBA
  3. “Pour Me Another” – Atmosphere
  4. “Walk Away” – Ben Harper
  5. “Lesson Learned” – Alicia Keys
  6. “Broken Strings” – Nelly Furtado ft. James Morrison
  7. “Landslide” – Dixie Chicks
  8. “Autumn Leaves” – Nat King Cole
  9. “Song Cry” – Jay Z
  10. “Impossible” – James Arthur

Playlist # 2 – ‘bossbitch/toughgirl/overit/fuckyou/fuckyouagain/winning/movingon’ playlist

  1. “He Wasn’t Man Enough” – Toni Braxton
  2. “Without You” – Avicii ft. Sandro Cavazza
  3. “Changed the Locks” – Lucinda Williams
  4. “Sorry Not Sorry” – Demi Lovato
  5. “Good as Hell” – Lizzo
  6. “Closer to Fine” – Indigo Girls
  7. “Be Careful” – Cardi B
  8. “Best Thing I Never Had” – Beyonce
  9. “Go Ahead” – Alicia Keys
  10. “Mama’s Broken Heart” – Miranda Lambert

*Note: Any Beyonce song ever can go on either of your playlists because she’s the Queen. If you’ve come across this blog post and you’re not going through any kind of separation or breakup, these songs are all bomb anyway.


2 thoughts on “Sounds of Your Soul

    1. There’s still a lot of times I feel that way too so I think your feelings are natural. You hear a song and it involuntarily connects you to a feeling you don’t want to feel. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time right now. I don’t have all the answers but I’m here if you feel like you want to talk.


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