Stay Classy San Diego

After four long days of driving I finally made it to San Diego on April 6th. I chose Southern California as opposed to Northern California to ensure I would be spending time in warm sun, or at the very least, no snow. The dogs and I had booked an Airbnb in Banker’s Hill for the week, relatively close to the downtown area. It was dark when we arrived around 9pm local time and all three of us were exhausted. It took me 5 trips to bring in everything from the damn car but I managed to get myself and the dogs set up for bed and I slept the best sleep I’d had all week.

We awoke Saturday morning to all the sunshine we could’ve hoped for, it was a warm 24 degrees C (or 75 degrees F for my new American friends). I took my Lab & Rottie outside and we headed to a nearby farmer’s market in Little Italy. There are quite a few popular markets in SD, having now been to several of them I’d agree with the majority that the Little Italy Market is definitely the best. Lots of vendors, music, lots of Italian food and lots of people and their dogs. It was magical, here we were, in San Diego, miles from home, unsure of what to do or expect. Looking back to only a few days before, it had felt like we weren’t going to make it through everything that had happened. The separation had rocked me but the upheaval had also negatively impacted my dogs, they were stressed and out of sorts. We made an unspoken agreement with each other to enjoy the day and let things come as they would. The girls met several other dogs (proud dog mom moment as my Rottie isn’t always open to making new friends), enjoyed head scratches from strangers and even got some treats.

After exploring the market we headed over to a nearby patio that was dog friendly (not tough to find in California!). The girls were treated once more with dog biscuits and I ordered the eggs Benedict and a glass of Prosecco. The server brought a dog bowl over with water and my pups lay under the table to get some shade and relax. I don’t know the last time prior to this that I’d sat and ate at a restaurant all by myself (not counting the pups). I took in the sun, people watched, surveyed some of the vendor booths from afar and enjoyed my eggs.

This day, April 7th, was special. It was our first day (not spent driving) away from home, in a different country, on our own. It was a day I truly felt that though we still had a long way to go, we were going to be okay. Not just ‘getting by’ okay but truly happy at some point to come. I didn’t know what the future would hold at that point, I still don’t know now. I do know that after all of the change – which has been terrifying to say the least -and all of the sadness, we’re on our way back. Back to happiness, back to ourselves (though a new version) and back to good days outweighing the bad.


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