Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. – Wikipedia

Synchronicity is all around us, I think the concept comes up repeatedly in everyones’ lives, you just need to be paying attention and be open to it. This theme has been very apparent for me over the last few months since I’ve been away from home. Encounters I have had with people here on the West coast have helped to shape my journey…

After travelling to California and spending my first week in San Diego I knew I loved the area. I decided to stay longer than my initially planned one week and find another Airbnb to stay at with my dogs. After working in the pet industry for almost 10 years I’m a bit of a crazy dog person. I love dogs and I have some very specific ways of doing things with my own two. Looking on Airbnb and Homeaway for rental properties I always need to ensure places are pet friendly. Low and behold I finally found a spot that looked promising. The details read ‘two blocks from the beach, best for solo traveller or couple’ and most importantly ‘pet friendly, multiple dogs, large dogs.’ As it turns out the owner also ran a dog rescue and had a house full of pets of her own. Her and I hit it off immediately and I ended up staying in her rental for the next 3 weeks. I left afterwards to continue my travel up the West coast but this relationship would be what ultimately brought me back down to San Diego where I am now.

I signed up to use an app called Couchsurfing to meet some people in California while on my trip. I know what you might be thinking, ‘what is this app?’ ‘It doesn’t sound safe? ‘Did you actually stay on people’s couches?’ I used the app only for its’ ‘hangout/meetup’ capabilities. I wasn’t interested in staying at anyone’s place but I ended up meeting some very cool people. I was nervous the first time I set my status as ‘available to hang out’, I wanted to ensure I did things safely. Meeting up with another female, in a public place, definitely seemed to be my best bet. -There are thousands of people on this app, men and women from all over the world. I specify this because I could of ended up talking with literally anyone. My first conversation on the app was with a girl I ended up hanging out with later that night. We talked about life and our travels (she has taken some incredible trips) and got along famously. After getting to know each other a bit better she eventually brought up that she too was in the process of getting a divorce. I thought ‘what are the odds?’ Then I thought, ‘synchronicity.’ I made what I now consider a life-long friend right at the time I was supposed to.

Staying outside of the Yosemite area I was headed out to the nearby lake one morning when synchronicity struck again. Getting into my car I noticed the people at the neighbouring cottage looked like they were packing up to leave. A guy loading up his car said ‘hi’ and I said ‘hi’ back and went to get into my own car. I paused after I put my bag on the seat. I have been trying to go out on a limb more to see how things unfold instead of avoiding uncomfortable scenarios. I stepped back outside of my car door and asked him if they were headed home. He walked over and we chatted for a few minutes, he was there with family and yes they were all headed home that day. Home, as it turns out, was Lake Tahoe. Where’s the synchronicty here you’re wondering? This was a Saturday and on the upcoming Monday morning I happened to be heading to Lake Tahoe for a week. He gave me his phone number if I was interested in meeting some people and seeing some sights. I took him up on the offer and ended up having some of the best experiences in that area that I most certainly would not of been able to come up with on my own.

I could start up a whole new blog devoted to this concept and likely be able to post almost daily. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to of had the experiences I have. The way things have worked themselves out my trip have ultimately been more than I could of ever hoped for. I believe in manifesting parts of your reality and I believe acknowleding synchronicity is a big part of this. If you’re open to it, you’ll find it.

*Addition; right after I had finished writing this blog post my aunt randomly texted me. She told me a brief story then ended it with, ‘there are no coincidences.’ I told her I had just finished a new blog on synchroncity so no, there definitely are not.



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