Other Lonely People

I went to a nearby beach a couple of days ago with a girl I’d just met to play a game of ultimate frisbee. I hadn’t ever played before so I was nervous to let down a team of people who had been at it for a while. – This isn’t where I’m headed with […]

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The Journey Alone

One of the most difficult parts of this process is that is it not linear, it’s more like an extremely jagged line. It’s not like when you have a cold and you get a little better everyday (at least I don’t feel that way). There are different challenges that arise, often unexpectedly. While I’m still […]

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Feeling Complexities

I miss you, it’s hard to write about. I feel scattered with all of my feelings and I don’t know if I have the words or ability to convey that. I’ve come across photos of you or of the two of us on my laptop, sometimes I smile for a moment at the memories. If […]

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