The ‘Last’ Post

I’m approaching my last day in San Diego before I start making my way back to Canada (more on this later, I’m not headed right home just yet). My last day in San Diego, after all this time here, is a big ‘last’ for me on my own. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, […]

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Snakes in The Grass

It took me a long time to learn some of the life lessons I have as of today. Maybe longer than others but I also know some people who will never understand some of these realizations the way I do now. At a younger age I surrounded myself with some not so great people. Outwardly, […]

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Self Pity – The Dark Shadow

During the time I’ve been separated from my husband I have been fortunate enough to receive some amazing advice. I have some unbelieveable people in my life and their support has brought to light how lucky I ultimately am despite some recent events. A few months ago someone gave me some of the advice I’m […]

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