Punches to the Gut

I walk around on a daily basis feeling relatively normal, happy a lot of the time (sometimes truly, sometimes just on the surface), moving forward with life in general. It’s during these times that my inner sadness seems to plan its’ sneak attacks. It was beautiful outside today and the sunshine always puts me in […]

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Stay Classy San Diego

After four long days of driving I finally made it to San Diego on April 6th. I chose Southern California as opposed to Northern California to ensure I would be spending time in warm sun, or at the very least, no snow. The dogs and I had booked an Airbnb in Banker’s Hill for the […]

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Feeling Complexities

I miss you, it’s hard to write about. I feel scattered with all of my feelings and I don’t know if I have the words or ability to convey that. I’ve come across photos of you or of the two of us on my laptop, sometimes I smile for a moment at the memories. If […]

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Am I Strong?

I haven’t been honest, with others, or with myself about all of my feelings. I paraded myself around as a strong woman. I believed I was a strong woman, I believed I could do anything, say anything, be anything. When I left my husband I realized I only felt that way…with a man standing behind […]

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